This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY January 21 - On Dr. Martin Luther King Day, we consider whether life as has changed for people of color in America during the Donald Trump Era.  With our guest, the Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune, we examine 4 cornerstones to Dr. King’s concept of the good life: security, civility, justice and opportunity. 

TUESDAY January 22 - Making recreational use of marijuana legal has long been an ambition of the NM Democratic Party. Now there’s a Democratic Governor and Democratic majority in both houses of the Legislature.  So does that mean legal pot’s a sure thing?  Not according to investigative reporter Mike Gallagher of the ABQ Journal – the vote, like the issue itself is complicated.  

WEDNESDAY January 23 - By most economic and social measurements, Amazon is the world’s most successful business, and its CEO Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man.  Naturally this means Bezos and Amazon are among the world’s biggest employers.  So what’s it like to work in Amazon’s state of the art Seattle warehouse?  Nina Shapiro covered the heck out of this story for the Seattle Times…

THURSDAY January 24 - “People with disabilities” learn to deal with them.  Why?  Basically to keep up with the rest of us, to be treated simply as “people,” to avert separation.  So why is it that we still have so many tests, and rules that exclude and isolate people with physical or cognitive differences from the norm.  AWARD-WINNING documentarian Dan Habib talks about the story, in depth on HERE & THERE.