This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY October 8 -  Foreign correspondent Christopher Livesay knew he and his PBS NewsHour cameraman would be unwelcome visitors to Libya.  The government had banned all foreign TV crews for months.  But he had no idea how dangerous the country had become and how hard his government minders would work to prevent him from getting his story about the plight of stranded sub-Saharan migrants.  


TUESDAY October 9 - Has President Donald Trump turned American politics into a Battle of the Sexes?  Aimee Allison created the activist group “She the People” to fight for the female perspective on how our country should be governed.  She knew her campaign would draw opposition, but after the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, gender politics has hit new lows for civility and new highs for conflict and abuse.


WEDNESDAY October 10 – Here and There is preempted by a live broadcast of the Santa Fe City Council’s meeting.


THURSDAY October 11 Marks the beginning of KSFR’s Fall Fund Drive.  Today and all 4 program days of next week I will be doing live shows.