Wake Up Call September 7, 2018

Sep 7, 2018

It’s Santa Fe Fiestas time in Santa Fe, and this year, the Caballeros de Vargas have a brand new event planned for the public this afternoon.  Join KSFR host Ellen Lockyer for today's Wake Up Call. We'll discuss a bid to increase Santa Fe's candidate campaign warchest.  Proposed city legislation would change how much campaign funding is provided for city mayor and councilor candidates.  And another burning issue in Santa Fe is debated on today's show. Citizens groups are asking a federal judge to halt a US Forest Service plan to thin hundreds of square miles of trees near Santa Fe in a fire prevention program, but foresters says the move could prevent future forest fires.  And we'll hear about an EPA proposal

Wake Up Call

to remove legal protections on temporary waterways, a move that is raising alarms in New Mexico and as far away as Australia.