The Twin Cities Adopted Ranked-Choice Voting—How Is It Working There?

Dec 20, 2017

The Santa Fe City Council is meeting in special session later today at both three-pm and five-pm. The topic: the city’s efforts at implementing ranked choice voting in time for the March city elections. At the earlier meeting the public and councilors hear a presentation and provide information on public education about the electoral system. The five-pm meeting—to be broadcast live here on KSFR—includes a public hearing and two ordinances relating to ranked-choice voting.

Curtis Gilbert is a correspondent with APM, the investigative reporting arm of American Public Media, the parent company of Minnesota Public Radio, where Gilbert was a reporter covering city government in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In recent years both of the Twin Cities, converted to ranked-choice voting…and Gilbert reported on the transitions of both

KSFR's Tom Trowbridge spoke with Gilbert on Tuesday, and began by asking him to tell us about the history of ranked choice voting and the process for establishing it first in Minneapolis and then St. Paul.