State Urges Unemployed: Use Website and Contract Workers: Patience

Mar 31, 2020


Credit Safety and Health Magazine

Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Secretary of the Department of Workforce Solutions Bill McCamley about where things stand with the self-employed, contract and gig workers. His advice to all self-employed, contractors, and gig workers, the state is not ready to accept  your applications and will not be ready until a few weeks from now. 


The state is urging you not to call in yet so that it leaves room to help the system dealing with the thousands of still newly officially unemployed.


For all unemployed workers - the state is urging you to please use the website before using the phone, and please remember and keep track of your passwords which is the biggest hold up.


If you do need to call in, they are asking you to call in on only the days that match the last number of your social security number.


The days are as follows if the last number of your social security number ends with a:

0-3 Call on Monday 

4-6- call on Tuesday

7-9 call on Wednesday 

Thursday and Friday are days used for those who might have missed the first three days.


The website to go to is: