Smoke and Mirrors with Dr. Chuck Ruby How You Are Being Fooled about Mental Illness

Mar 26, 2021


Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Dr. Chuck Ruby about his new book, Smoke and Mirrors: How You Are Being Fooled about Mental Illness, An Insider's Warning to Consumers. He is also the Executive Director of ISEPP, the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry and as a former military Lieutenant Colonel who served in counterintelligence, counterespionage, and criminal investigative assignments acoss the globe.  In 2012, Dr. Ruby resigned from the American Psychological Association in protest of their refusal to enforce the prohibition against psychologists’ involvement in torture, commonly referred to as “enhanced interrogation techniques”.  And he has since continued to keep to his ethics above all as he deems them critical to his helping people.  In this book, according to acclaimed author Dr. Paula Caplan, "he fearlessly rips the masks off mental health industry guilds. Combining evidence with powerful stories - including about himself - in straightforward and clear prose, he reveals what's in it for the guilds and Big Pharma and describes humane ways that really do help those who long for surcease from anguish". Part of a 4-part series.  The other 3 segments will air later in March.

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