SFCC Celebrates Black History Month with Shades of Color

Feb 8, 2019

Credit SFCC Black History Month Committee

Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer MK speaks with Yuri Findlay, Spokesperson for the SFCC Black History Month Committee about the pluthera of events coming up in February at SFCC to celebrate and recognize African American history not just in the nation, but specifically in New Mexico. The itinerary involves discussion around the huge dispersion of Africans around the world dating back to 1500's to modern day, to the settlement of a literal "freedom colony" in the New Mexico called Blackdom, to examining modern day challenges for the African American Community from the professional world to education and examinations of African American geneology, along with celebrations of music, art and plenty more. Don't miss the important contributions made by New Mexico's own in the long struggle for civil rights within the African American Community and the important role they continue to play today.

For a schedule of events, see link below: