Senator Bill Tallman Courageously Takes On Big Pharma

Mar 13, 2019

Credit The Albuquerque Journal

If our name indicates anything about us, Senator Bill Tallman (D) Bernalillo NM would be the shining example of that - as he’s a man standing tall against the political pressures of Big Pharma money. He joins Segment Host/Producer MK Mendoza to discuss  a number of his proposed bills during this legislative session that are solutions to the rising lack of accountability from the pharmaceutical industry. While some of the bills were killed - his desire is to bring greater focus and light on ways the industry needs greater regulation and oversight - and return next year with needed solutions in hand. In SB583, he addressed the over medication of our foster kids after learning about the extent of New Mexico's problem with it from Investigative Reporter, Amy Linn's piece from Searchlight NM. (KSFR recently interviewed Amy Linn on this investigation last week, found at the following link:  https://www.ksfr.org/post/psychiatric-overmedication-new-mexicos-children ). 

He also discusses the desire to hold Pharmacy Benefit Managers more accountable in a bill that was killed earlier in the session. His desire is to create greater oversight and transparency for the Pharmaceutical Industry which he also touches on in his proposed Drug Price Transparency Act in SB 373. (You can listen to more details on what role Pharmacy Benefit Managers play in KSFR's interview with renowned Dr. Danielle Ofri who talks about the rising costs of insulin.) The link can be found here: https://www.ksfr.org/post/diabetics-ration-insulin-costs-skyrocket

This has led some diabetics, especially the uninsured paying as much as $1500 per month out of pocket. Many who don't have the money go without or ration their insulin which can have deadly consequences. Senator Bill Tallman is dead set on taking on these vitally important issues for the health of New Mexico citizens and plans to come back next year with solutions he believes will provide the protection consumers so desperately need and deserve. Clearly these are issues he feels strongly about and plans to keep up the fight until they are addressed. He maintains an open door policy to his constituents and is committed to being responsive to their concerns. He can be contacted at 505.702.6828 or by email at w.tallman5909@comcast.net