Santa Fe Joins Opioids Distributors Settlement

Dec 28, 2021


The city of Santa Fe has voted to join the state in a global settlement agreement with three Opioid distributors.

The Governing Body voted unanimously Tuesday in a special meeting. 


The Santa Fe Governing Body met in a virtual special meeting Tuesday to vote to join the Opioid settlement with distributors.
Credit Kevin Meerschaert / KSFR News



 The settlement with distributors McKesson Corporation, Cardinal Health Incorporated and AmerisourceBergen is for $21- billion nationally with about $220-million for New Mexico.

Albuquerque and Santa Fe County have already signed on to the deal.

Payments from the three companies will be distributed over 18 years.

Attorney Matthew McCarley who negotiated the settlement says they are asking for the state to agree to a 60-40 split of the funding, with the 60 going to counties and municipalities.

McCarley says it’s not a perfect deal but one that Santa Fe needed to join.


“In order to get all the money that’s coming to New Mexico not only does the state have to participate but the supermajority of counties and municipalities have to participate in order for the state to get all the money that’s designated to it under the settlement agreement,” he said.


It’s not known how much Santa Fe will be getting under the settlement but McCarley said it would likely be well north of one-million dollars.