Rape and Resistance Intimately Interwined: An Interview with Author Linda Alcoff

Feb 8, 2019

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Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer speaks with Author Linda Alcoff about how rape and resistance are intimately intertwined. She discusses the importance of the #metoo movement in bringing voice to the silence and shame that often dominates the female voice in relation to rape. But, she also examines the backlash that arises in response to these outcries and the need to utilize this moment to bring greater justice to how rape is viewed and even defined. She answers the question, how do we prevent a backlash? What does it look like? Do we need to change the very definition of rape? What kinds of provisions do we need to implement in not just our policy but our own thinking when it comes to rape to truly move toward greater justice.

For more information on her book, see link below: