PNM Expands Fleet Of Electric Vehicles

Dec 29, 2021

New Mexico’s largest energy company has expanded its fleet of electric vehicles, with more on the way. 



PNM now has 38 electric vehicles in its fleet with more on the way in the coming years. 
Credit Public Service Co of New Mexico





Public Service Company of New Mexico announced on Wednesday it now has 38 electric vehicles.

It’s part of a commitment the company says it has to expand its electric fleet in the coming years.

The vehicles feature wraps highlighting PNM’s solar energy, wind generation, and traditional electric infrastructure working together.    

PNM currently owns 20 solar sites with contracts for five more, totaling about 1.7 million solar panels in the state. 

It also has three wind turbine farms in New Mexico.  

About eight-percent of PNM’s fleet is now electric. PNM spokesperson Shannon Jackson says the plan is to increase that number by five-percent a year, reaching one half of its fleet by 2030. 

Jackson says they’d like to do more but there have been supply issues with the manufacturers.


“That’ll be a challenging thing for us to have because of that but hopefully it will improve. It doesn’t change our goal at all, but yes, it has been a challenge to get through the supply chain issues,” she said.   


      The company has 34 charging stations on its own property with two charge ports at each station. 

There are about 400 charging ports across New Mexico.

 PNM also recently joined the National Electric Highway Coalition, which plans to build fast-charging ports along major U.S. travel corridors.