Part Two of Four-Part Exclusive Interview with Renowned Economist - Dr. Richard D. Wolff

Jan 6, 2019

Credit Pressenza

Wake Up Call Segment Producer/Host MK Mendoza speaks with renowned Economist, Lecturer, Author, Talk Show Host and Commentator, Dr. Richard D. Wolff on "Why Capitalism Creates Socialism" in this exclusive 4-part interview series. In this part, he deconstructs the mythology behind how capitalism became equated with democracy and how socialism experienced demonization during the Cold War. He emphasizes that this polarization between the two effectively shut down any sort of healthy thorough discussion about the pros and cons of each system and their various potential incarnations. He refers to the lack of this conversation even in his own education, much of which took place in some of this country's best educational institutions. He notes the importance of a much more sophisticated and educated dialogue from a variety of perspectives about these systems within our own economy. He also speaks to the need for education about them and their relevance in the broader and  future global economy.  He points to open discussion about these systems as critical to a democracy and the continual improvement and growth of an individual and world society. You can also listen to Dr. Wolff every Saturday right here on KSFR from 8-8:30am on his own show, "Economic Update" or at his various websites listed below and across the full variety of media outlets from you tube to twitter, found on his websites.

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Listen to Wake Up Call interview below featuring Part Two in our Four-Part Series, "Why Capitalism Creates Socialism".