Part Four of Four-Part Exclusive Interview with Renowned Economist - Dr. Richard D. Wolff

Jan 8, 2019

Credit Pressenza

Wake Up Call Segment Producer/Host MK Mendoza speaks with renowned Economist, Lecturer, Author, Talk Show Host and Commentator, Dr. Richard D. Wolff on "Why Capitalism Creates Socialism" in this exclusive 4-part interview series. The series looks at exactly how socialism works, why it became demonized during the post World War Two era and why it's now gaining in popularity. He explains how socialism is an inevitable outcropping of capitalism's own inherent flaws. And he clarifies why socialism is not an adversary to capitalism but instead the democratic answer to it and its very creator and why capitalism literally creates socialism. You can also catch him every Saturday right here on KSFR from 8-8:30am on his own show, "Economic Update" or on his various websites listed below and across the full variety of media outlets from you tube to twitter, found on his websites.

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His own show, "Economic Update" On KSFR Saturdays 8-8:30 - "Economic Update" show summary link below: 


Listen to WUC interview below featuring Part Four in our Four-Part Series, "Why Capitalism Creates Socialism"