November 7th Officially Proclaimed as "Jason Silverman Day" for Good Reason

Nov 7, 2019

Credit The Santa Fe Reporter


Few of us can say we have an entire day named after us, but then, few of us are able to accomplish the level of community building Jason Silverman has been able to within his near 30 year stint in Santa Fe. November 7th is now officially "Jason Silverman Day" in honor of the numerous cultural contributions Jason has made as Center for Contemporary Arts’ Cinematheque Director and beyond. Whether he's bringing great films to our community to increase local and global dialogue about vital issues to our lives, or creating those films himself, or the theatres we play them in-he will be certain to find a way to bring the human story into our lives to bring all the more meaning and purpose into ours and activate us toward living substantive and connected lives.

"He has created programs for our region that have served more than 800,000 people, including festivals celebrating African, Latino and Native American culture, partnerships with dozens of our region's schools and organizations, and innovative education programs serving thousands of local students," the proclamation reads.  Silverman has also provided our youth innumerable opportunities to engage not just with film, but filmmakers through the CCA's Youth Partners Program. The CCA served approximately 1,600 kids last year, and Silverman anticipates only more in the future. Tune in to find out more about all he has done to serve not just Santa Fe, but New Mexico, his future plans and the reasons you need to help keep CCA alive and donate to a cause that just keeps giving and celebrate "Jason Silverman Day!"


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