Native Women Lead, Create Community, Energize Economy, Revolutionizing All

May 14, 2020

Credit Native Women Lead

Their website reads "The Future Belongs to Native Women", if this is the case, the world will be in good shape. Vanessa Roanhorse co-founder of Native Women Lead and Roanhorse Consulting speaks with KSFR's MK Mendoza about the resources the organization, Native Women Lead is offering to Native women and their families for their families and communities. They are offering funds as well as transformational virtual retreats, starting today, Thursday May 14, 2020 and devoted to bringing vision, resources, networking and empowerment to their communities during COVID-19.  They are also offering funds to Native owned and operated businesses to help them make it through this crisis. Tune in to find out all the exciting things they are bringing to our native communities. 


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