NAMI and Open Dialogue Discuss Bringing Greater Voice to Families Dealing with Mental "Illness"

Nov 6, 2019

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David Linke, Concha Garcia Allen, Louisa Putman, and Kermit Cole gather to discuss the impact families feel who are dealing with a family member experiencing a mental health crisis. The dubious nature of what we call "mental illness" often leads many families to be deeply divided over the very interpretation of what they see their family member experiencing and what we today call "mental illness". Thrust into the unknown, it can be a scary time where fears runs high and family unity can often go by the wayside as they try to navigate their way through how best to deal with it. Often facing limited resources for help, whether it be the need to help keep their family member safe during a crisis or whether it is seeking alternative avenues of help - families are often left carrying the majority of the burden with little voice in the process for how to find their way out. These experts gather for a moving and informed and revolutionary conversation on how to better help support family members when in crisis and learn to create a space where all voices are welcome and included and above all where the conversation is led by compassionate dialogue for all parties involved when dealing with such serious crises. To hear the full uninterrupted conversation, see the following link, https://www.ksfr.org/post/nami-and-open-dialogue-discuss-bringing-greater-voice-families-dealing-mental-illness-0 otherwise you can download from our podcast or listen in two parts below.

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Kermit Cole and Louisa Putman about Open Dialogue, contact kermitcole@gmail.com or call 917.751.4366

Concha Garcia Allen at ootawema13@gmail.com or call 505660.8818

David Linke at davidlinke814@gmail.com or call 505.501.0445

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