Months of Coping With Covid-19 Leaves Restaurants Unsure About The Future

Sep 13, 2021

Running a restaurant is a risky business in the best of times.  According to the National Restaurant Association, during the pandemic, some 90,000 restaurants in the U.S. closed permanently.


Here in the Land of Enchantment, the New Mexico Restaurant Association estimates that out of 3500 pre-pandemic restaurants, 300 have closed their doors.  As restaurant capacity limits were lifted, some restaurants appeared to be thriving while others still struggled.  Currently, the number of out-of-work restaurant workers has shrunk by more than 70 percent, as measured by unemployment insurance filings.  

Carol Wight, executive director of the New Mexico Restaurant Association, spoke with KSFR about how our state's restaurant industry has survived during the pandemic.  Rob Day, owner of the Santa Fe Bar and Grill, added his insights on coping with COVID.