Diabetics Ration Insulin As Costs Skyrocket

Mar 12, 2019

Credit danielleofri.com/

Dr. Danielle Ofri speaks with Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer about the problem of rising insulin rates for diabetics, causing many to ration, cut down or go without which is a life threatening issue for diabetics, especially Type I. She discusses the short and long term complications that can come from going without insulin for diabetics and the root of why prices are skyrocketing costing some diabetics as much as $1500 out of pocket per month. Insurers also often change which insulins they cover making prices drastically fluctuate and making insulin one of the most expensive fluids in the world. She cites lack of regulation and oversight regarding Pharmacy Benefit Managers which can also mean that sometimes it is actually cheaper for patients to pay out of pocket than co-pay for certain medical needs. Senator Bill Tallman has taken on this as one of his primary issues this year at the legislature, and while his bill has been tabled for now, he is planning to come back next year with a final draft to best address this issue affecting New Mexican's in their pocketbook as well as health and lives.

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