Cornerstones Community Partnerships Uses Preservation as Springboard Into Renewable Energy

Oct 8, 2019

Credit nrel.gov

Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer MK Mendoza speaks with Development Directos Maureen Vosburgh and Development Associate Karen Kuranz of Cornerstones Community Partnerships, a small Santa Fe non-profit Fe that funds solar installations on Tribal lands and in northern New Mexico. They are having their first "Solar Initiative" fundraiser to share their program with the community and spread the word. Featured at the event are two extraordinary indigenous female farmers who are taking their education and returning home to help expand it into their communities through building renewable and sustainable learning centers. With solar power, they plan to re-empower their communities from the ground up and inside out. Whether taking on issues of healthy birthing and families to mental health and the deindustrialization of the food system, the issues that Cornerstone Community Partnership is funding through its Solar Initiative Project are comprehensive and far reaching. Tune in to find out more about not just the upcoming fundraiser but the extensive projects that the Solar Initiative has funded and the layers of community building involved in returning to the land and encouraging the move toward renewable energy that is connecting past with future.

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