Community Activists Call Out Incarcerated Youth as Victims of Exploitation and Trauma for Profit

May 12, 2020

Credit HuffPost

Community Organizers and Youth Advocates from SWOP (Southwest Organizing Project), Pegasus Legal Services for Children, Youth First and Millions for Prisoners New Mexico join in a collective community conversation to bring attention to the often long-ignored problem of youth incarceration - many argue is a gateway and avenue for exploitation, modern day slavery,  systemic and historical trauma imposed on our most vulnerable for profit. They highlight their increased vulnerability in all areas especially during COVID-19. Tune in for Part Two of this vital community conversation tomorrow, Tuesday May 12, 2020.

Part One:

Part Two: 

Part Three:

Links to the participating organizations can be found below:

SWOP (Southwest Organizing Project) 


Pegasus Legal Services for Children


Millions for Prisoners New Mexico


We Are The Revolution 

Youth First