Acclaimed Author Douglas Preston Lives and Writes Mystery, Adventure and Intrigue

Nov 26, 2019

Credit Rainy Day Books

Whether he's traversing the earth's deepest jungles alongside world leading scientists encountering some of the most devastating tropical diseases and deadliest snakes while uncovering lost ancient cities or riding horseback across the historical paths in New Mexico, or undergoing severe interrogation tactics by the same interrogators who framed Amanda Nox in Italy or writing award winning and New York Times Best Selling books that get turned into leading blockbusters and TV series, or (wait, there's more!) befriending co-adventurers like Santa Fe's Forrest Fenn and of course his long time co-hort and collaborative author, Lincoln Child - Douglas Preston seems to have adventure in his bones. Tune in to listen to the stories behind what makes him such an intriguing and captivating storyteller.

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