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Xubi Wilson

Xubi Wilson

How did you happen to join the KSFR family?

I was a DJ on the old station for a while and had extensive radio background from my college years. I was approached by a member of the board about doing a radio show on progressive issues in the community and “Living on the Edge” grew out of that conversation.

What was your broadcasting background prior to KSFR?

I was Folk Department Director and coordinated public affairs shows at WHRW in Binghamton, New York in the 80s. I also was an editor and contributor to the station Newsletter. I trained at KUNM when I first came to New Mexico, but never got on the air. I played non-distracting background music on KSFR when it was still operated by the Community College in the early 90s.

What is/was your “Day Job” prior to joining KSFR?

Before joining KSFR I was a Pastry Chef at Geronimo and later the head baker at Whole Foods. I have since changed careers to work on renewable energy projects and currently work as the Renewable Energy Programs Coordinator at Santa Fe Community College.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work at KSFR?

Preparing for, and doing the show are great, but feedback from listeners everywhere I go in the community really warms my heart.

What “secret” thing about you do few people know?

I was part of a student delegation to the DPRK (North Korea) in the late 80s.

Have you been/are you a musician?

I am an aspiring bass player, who needs to practice much more regularly.

If so what instrument(s) do you play?

Electric Bass, Ocarina, I used to be a drummer in a marching band.

What types of music do you enjoy?

I like a lot of different types of music. I really like the evening music shows on KSFR. They really highlight our diversity.

How did you get started in radio?

I had a news broadcast and a blues show at WHRW in Binghamton, NY. They eventually convinced me to do a weekly public affairs show and head up a folk department that grew from 5 to 15 shows per week while I was leading it.

What’s your favorite album?

My parents wedding album . . . oh, you mean musical . . . Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Symphonian Dream

What’s your day job?

Renewable Energy Programs Coordinator at the Santa Fe Community College.

How do you spend your spare time?

Gardening, household projects, following professional Football (49ers), reading and researching, making love, music and political change

What are some of your all-time favorite talk or music shows (don't have to be on ksfr)?

I love “Living on the Edge, the Journey Home, Nuestra America, Camp Lovewave, Music in the Madness ,the Twisted Groove, Accoustic Explorations, Sunday Blues, Folk Remedy, Interfaith Voices just to name a few.

Do you have a talk show host or dj after whom you model your performance?

I really like to try to mimic Andy Humm and Ann Northrup from Gay USA. They have such a nice freeform banter that I like to emulate with David.

What sort of music or talk do you prefer to listen to?

I like progressive talk radio, but I also love listening to our evening DJs and the weekend programming.

Do you have pets?  If yes, how do they react to your presence on the air?

I have two dogs: Orcrist and Glamdring. I am never around to see how they react to my voice on the air.

What do you like about radio?

Radio is such an intimate medium. It is usually a one on one experience for the listener.