William Floyd

Operations Manager

William Floyd fell in love with community radio at WOBC, a student-run college radio station in Ohio, where he hosted experimental music shows and served as Engineer and General Manager. Will holds a Bachelor of Music in music composition and technology from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative American Studies from Oberlin College.  In 2012, Will joined the Prometheus Radio Project, a nonprofit organization that builds participatory radio as a tool for social justice organizing and a voice for community expression. Prometheus advocated for the creation of the Low Power FM (LPFM) service by the FCC in 2000 and led the successful grassroots campaign to pass the Local Community Radio Act in 2010, a victory that resulted in the construction of more than 1450 new noncommercial radio stations and for the first time allowed LPFM stations in all major US cities. At Prometheus, Will submitted engineering studies and permit applications on behalf of dozens of nonprofit organizations around the US, most of which now operate radio stations today. Since 2014, Will collaborated with newly permitted Low Power FM radio stations to raise antennas, install transmitters, build studios and train community members in radio operations and media making. As a contract engineer, Will built KMRD-LP in Madrid, NM; Sagal Radio in Atlanta, GA; KOGI-LP in Big Pine, CA; WEQY-LP in Saint Paul, MN; KALY-LP in Minneapolis, MN; WFNU-LP in Saint Paul, MN; KUYI-LP in Upper Moencopi, AZ; KISJ-LP in Bisbee, AZ; and KUAV-LP in Winterhaven, CA. In 2016, Will moved to New Mexico and joined the volunteer staff at KMRD, serving as Program Director and later, Operations Manager. KMRD-LP provides locally-produced music and talk programming to the communities of Madrid, Cerrillos, and rural Southern Santa Fe County.