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Tony Jackson

Producer/Host "Morning Mix"

I first worked as a volunteer jazz DJ at KLCC in Eugene, Oregon back in the 80s, as I was getting my MA in English at UO. I had never done anything at all like that before. It was a great station, with a wild mix of music that I had never before heard. It set my standard for eclectic, high-quality public radio.

After Eugene, my wife and I moved to LA, where I got a PhD in English at UCLA. Since then I’ve been teaching film and lit for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, beginning full time online from Santa Fe in 2016.

I’m also a nature/landscape photographer. You can check out my gallery at: https://highdesertartscapes.squarespace.com/.

For many years my wife and I have been struck by the unpredictable mix of programming at KSFR. So, after a long time of telling myself I ought to make use of my past experience, I finally volunteered at KSFR, and began subbing in January of 2019. I subbed in various show slots for six months before picking up my own show, Sunday Session, which ran for three months. Then I switched to my current Wednesday-morning show: the Morning Mix. I feature a mix of jazz, classical crossover, world music, etc.

I program music that will be on the one hand easy to listen to in the morning; when most people’s biorhythms are still pretty relaxed. But at the same time, I want it to be intriguing, stimulating if you decide to pay close attention. It’s a real pleasure assembling the segues from beginning to middle to end; and a real pleasure bringing music to our listeners in northern New Mexico and beyond.

email: morningmix@ksfr.org