MK Mendoza

MK is a an Emmy award-winning television producer, entertainer, writer and entrepreneur. She has worked in all areas of production, from producing and writing, to editing, animation and talent for the past 30 years in  both private and public sectors of journalism and entertainment. She has worked on productions ranging from the George Foster Peabody Award Winning documentary, Surviving Columbus, to the Emmy Award winning programs of Colores! and Breaking Bad, as well as such networks as HGTV, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS.  Independently, she has developed her own award winning children's entertainment media franchise, comprised of a toy line, website, children's books, outreach program and corresponding videos and webcasts.  Whether on stage, or on-air, behind the scenes in the editing room or animating, her primary commitment is to her audience. While radio is her latest endeavor as a newcomer to KSFR, she embraces the opportunity with the utmost gratitude and support toward the mission of bringing the diverse quality programming that KSFR uniquely provides to its listeners. Contact information: