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Michael Handler

Producer/Host "Sunday Blues"

How did you happen to join the KSFR family?

Can't keep a "good man" off the radio, and it's a nice fit

What was your broadcasting background prior to KSFR?

I've been doing both commercial and non-commercial radio most of my life, as well as TV broadcast engineering, cameraman, announcer, etc. I was a sub DJ and host at the legendary KJAZ in the Bay Area in the 80's, music director at KLCC in Eugene OR (mostly a college jazz station), and many other rock and public stations (including KPFA in the late 60s!!).

What is/was your “Day Job” prior to joining KSFR?

Computer sales, radio/TV work, gardening

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work at KSFR?

Share the music, both jazz and blues, and stay on the air and keep sharp.

What “secret” thing about you do few people know?

I'm a good cook!

Have you been/are you a musician?

I play guitar/ harmonica (since the mid 60s) grew up in the folk/blues revival and I took it to heart. A few years later got turned on to jazz, and now I play both. I have a working band in town, The Country Blues Revue.

How did you get started in radio?

College (Univ. of Denver, then San Jose State, grad 1970 w/ a BA in Radio TV

How do you spend your spare time?

Garden, skiing in winter, give parties and travel.

What are some of your all-time favorite talk or music shows (don't have to be on KSFR)?

The old Dinner Jazz on KJAZ, now the Jazz Oasis on KCSM, San Mateo. Also talk radio KGO in San Francisco.

Do you have a talk show host or DJ after whom you model your performance?

I do a show without a play or set list, and let it evolve. I learned the art of "FM" or underground radio way back when, when the segue was the king. I run a tight board (usually) and love to present lesser known or off beat artists!

email: sundayblues@ksfr.org