Merrylin LeBlanc

Libra Rising (nice), Scorpio Moon(ouch), and Aquarius Sun(different)…That’s Merrylin LeBlanc!  She has been producing Moonwise on KSFR since the summer of 2000, after having broadcast the show on KVSF here in Santa Fe beginning back in 1993, when she came to New Mexico from Berkeley, California.  Merrylin left the professional field of education to pursue her love of metaphysics and especially astrology as a tool for uncovering meaning in life.  Astrology can be used to explore many levels of existence, and Merrylin’s mission as host of Moonwise is to bring awareness to the public of the various uses of Astrology.  Topics discussed on Moonwise range from simple to complex.  Some listeners have commented on how much they have learned from this program even though some of it flies over their heads.