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Mark Perry

Producer/Host "A Matter of the Mind"

Mark  Perry, CHt, C-NLP Life Fulfillment Educator & Coach, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Mutual Awakening Teacher

Mark’s professional focus since 1990 on Life Fulfillment education developed out of his varied life experience. His early life was very family-oriented with his parents and four brothers sharing values and activities of academics (especially sciences), competitive and recreational sports and outdoor activities, and music. A gifted natural athlete, Mark ran competitive track from the age of 13 until his middle twenties. He earned a scholarship on a national championship track team at the University of Oregon that included several individual national champions, Olympic team members, American record holders and one world record holder. His college studies and degrees include psychology, business and finance.

After college, Mark learned proficiency with computers while enjoying work as a trainer, trouble-shooter, project manager and departmental manager for computer companies in Los Angeles and Seattle. Later he became a consultant for computer and other small business issues. In 1990, he began participating in self-awareness education seminars, and was inspired by his experiences to shift his career focus to education about how to live life in more fulfilling ways.

His new intention led in 1994 to a move to Santa Fe and a job with a cutting-edge training company where he learned to be a “Ropes Course” facilitator participating in using experiential education processes, including outdoor adventure experiences, to facilitate transformational change for individuals, groups and organizations.

Just when Mark thought he had found “the thing” for his career fulfillment, life shifted again. Some unexpected personal circumstances in his life led to attending the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, and all his previous experience and learning came together in a new, deeper, more connected and more integrated way. He realized that he was learning fundamental principals of human learning, influence, experience and creative power that can be used in intentional ways to move beyond limiting patterns into creating more of what we love.

He began operating his private hypnotherapy practice in 1998 while continuing to participate with the Academy as a staff instructor, coach and business consultant assisting with the delivery and continuing development of the school’s curriculum and business. In addition, he organized the students’ coaches, and designed and directed the post-graduate and student clinic programs.

In 2002, Mark married his beautiful, powerful wife Jennifer, and in 2004 their daughter Avalon was born who continues to be one of their greatest teachers. Along with loving being Dad, Mark now operates his Life Fulfillment Education And Coaching business by synthesizing his knowledge and experience of hypnotherapy, experiential education, facilitation, presentation and musical performance. He works with individuals, groups and businesses to remind us all of the extraordinary creative power of Human Being.

email: amatterofthemind@gmail.com