MA LeBlanc

Co-Program Manager (Talk)

Merrylin LeBlanc is KSFR’s resident astrologer, an unusual and unofficial position in a radio station, but like others born when the Sun is in Aquarius, Merrylin’s heart follows a course of taking her into unusual situations where she can use her talents at making things better.  Her background is in education where she taught and held leadership roles for twenty years.  While working on a doctoral degree at the University of California, Berkeley, she became disenchanted with all of the cosmetic attempts to transform the educational system and turned to the challenge of transforming individuals, namely herself with the hope of inspiring others to do the same along the way.  First off, Merrylin renewed her love of metaphysics and expanded upon it since her early college days as a Dominican nun studying Thomas Aquinas.  She took to astrology like a soul mate reunited with a beloved after several reincarnations, wanting to raise the astrological literacy of a world only familiar with Sun sign horoscopes in newspapers.  Merrylin presented the stars on community television in the San Francisco Bay Area and on another radio station before appearing on KSFR in the spring of 2000.  As a life-long learner she pursued the technical skills of broadcasting and became a member of KSFR’s operation team.

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