John Shannon


John Shannon is a writer and retired US Army officer with over twenty-six years in the military. He served two tours in Afghanistan—the first in 2005 with 3rd Group Special Forces and again in 2008 with the New York Army National Guard. He is a graduate of Cornell University and he now lives and writes in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA). 

    His published work includes: “The Jump” in The BookPress, May 1998, Ithaca, NY; “Red Flowers” in The War Writer's Campaign, February 2014 and again in their print anthology ‘The VOW Anthology: Voices of War 2014,’ March 2015; “The Dirge” in Digital Americana Magazine, Winter 2014; “Convoy Operations” Scintilla Press, July 2014; “Brought Low” in the horror anthology, ‘High Strange Horror: Weird Tales of Paranoia and the Damned’ by Muzzleland Press, April 2015; and “The Road of My Desire or How The Way Forward Never Is” Wild Age Press, December 2015. 

Santa Fe Police Department

KSFR's John Shannon speaks with members of the Santa Fe Police Department about the challenges of policing during the pandemic.

Santa Fe's Open Kitchen

KSFR's John Shannon catches up with Hue-Chan Karels of Santa Fe's Open Kitchen to hear all about her new program, Cook and Delivered.

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Rick Ianucci

SFPD Chaplain Rick Ianucci speaks with KSFR's John Shannon about the importance of reverance in responding while on the front lines.

John Shannon

KSFR's John Shannon caught up with Hue-Chan Karels (Carls) the owner and head chef at Open Kitchen in Santa Fe and found out what she's been doing during the Pandemic - cooking and bringing healthy immune system boosting food to those in need. Tune in to find out about an important event this Sunday!

Oxford School of English

KSFR's John Shannon lived and worked in Italy for about 7 years during the 1980's and 1990's. Earlier this week he contacted his friend James Grant who runs several English Schools throughout Northern Italy to see how he was faring in the midst of the CoronaVirus Pandemic. James gives us an honest look at both the personal and economic impact the virus is having on Italy and an idea of what we can expect in the weeks to come.

John Shannon

KSFR's John Shannon - with a little help from his friends - had the opportunity last month to interview a world class, globe trotting, Japanese potter who made his way to our community - beckoned by admirers and a disciple of his craft who built a Japanese style kiln in which he could fire his work. Here's John's Interview...

KSFR’s John Shannon speaks with Executive Director Rick Iannucci from the  "Horses for Heroes” -  A unique horsemanship and wellness program based in Santa Fe, NM, free to ALL post 9/11 veterans and active military, especially those who have sustained PTSD or have experienced combat trauma during their time of service. 

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John Shannon

Last month KSFR's John Shannon had the opportunity to talk with Lisa Law - Photographer, Flower Child and Chronicler of the 60's - about what she's doing now and how she went from Haight Ashbury in 1967 to Woodstock in 1969 where she helped prepare breakfast in bed for 400,000! Part Two airs tomorrow. For more information on Lisa Law, see link below: › lisalawphoto Part One   Part Two

Santa Fe Farmer's Market Institute

KSFR's John Shannon had the opportunity to speak with  Culinary collaborator Hue-Chan Karels who has found her way here to Santa fe from Washington DC - She's the Chef/Owner of Open Kitchen - John finds out what it's all about.

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A Belgian Malinois student of David Crosby - Scout

KSFR’s John Shannon talks with Dog Trainer David Crosby who shares his ideas on stemming the epidemic of school gun violence.

Jennifer Jesse Smith

KSFR's John Shannon speaks with Indigenous Artist Jennifer Jesse Smith about the inspiration behind her jewelry and her upcoming show.

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  KSFR's John Shannon had the opportunity to speak with Galisteo based renowned artist Woody Gwyn who is a recipient of both the New Mexico Governors Award for Excellence in the Arts and the Artists' Award from the National Endowment of the Arts - His works are in some of the finest collections and museums around the world. He currently has a show - Next To Nature - at The LewAllen Galleries in Santa Fe's Rail Yard.  The wide ranging interview covers art, philiosophy and history of place. For more information on his current show, see link below: 

Judy Tuwaletstiwa

Tune in to hear KSFR's Award-Winning John Shannon interview renowned Artist Judy Tuwaletstiwa.

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KSFR's John Shannon who covers Veteran's Affairs spoke with Acushla (A koosh lah) Bastible the Director of the LifeSongs Program at The Academy for the Love of Learning.  This program connects elders - in this case elder veterans with young people and preserves their stories in song.  They have a concert coming up at the end of this month.

KSFR's John Shannon spoke with the Director and Treasurer of the globe-trotting New Mexico Peace Choir who will be performing here in Santa Fe at the James A Little Theatre this Sunday 23 September 2018 at 3 PM