Dennis Carroll


Dennis J. Carroll is a veteran journalist based in Santa Fe.. He has written extensively on health and environmental issues regarding nuclear weapons workers and atomic testing. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe and other major daily newspapers across the country.

Dennis and a colleague were recipients of the Iowa Associated Press First Place Award for Continuing News Coverage of previously unreported health problems among former nuclear weapons workers. That reporting  resulted in the intervention by the University of Iowa College of Public Health to aid the workers. . Dennis was also awarded the Defense Department's Certificate  of Appreciation for Patriotic Civilian Service  and later served as a speechwriter and children's issues policy adviser in the Iowa governor's office.

Dennis' exclusive reporting in the Santa Fe New Mexican also has brought worldwide attention to the decades of suffering and abandonment by residents of southern New Mexico, and their descendants, who lived in the path of the radioactive fallout cloud produced by the world's first detonation of an atomic bomb, the Manhattan Project's 1945 Trinity Test.

Emmett Garcia of the Santa Ana Pueblo has traveled the world telling stories of mischievous coyotes, rascal rabbits and snarky snakes. All in an effort to stave off the demise of storytelling as a way of preserving the traditions and mores of indigenous cultures. KSFR's Dennis Carroll talked with Garcia  about his latest project, passing on the art of storytelling to children at schools and in communities across New Mexico. 

In part 2 of our wide-ranging interview with new Santa Fe Police Chief Patrick Gallagher, KSFR’s Dennis Carroll sat down with Gallagher to discuss, among other things, issues surrounding the use of deadly force here and in Albuquerque, new ways of addressing domestic violence and police encounters with the mentally ill, and the increasing problem of recruiting new officers. 

To listen to part one of this interview, Click Here. 

In a wide-ranging two-part interview, Santa Fe’s New Police Chief Patrick Gallagher, reveals his views on such topics as officers’ encounters with the mentally ill, the homeless, use of deadly force, a persistent rash of burglaries  and his ultimate goals for the department.

In part one, Dennis Carroll asks Gallagher about his background in police work. 

To listen to part two of this interview, Click Here. 

In a rare glimpse into Masonic rituals, members of the Scottish Rite temple in Santa Fe held an open house at the local Masonic Center this past Saturday. KSFR's Dennis Carroll was in attendance, and brings us this report. 

An estimated 400 students from Santa Fe High Schools marched from the Capitol into the downtown area and back Wednesday in a show of sadness for those who have died at the hands of  drunk drivers, but also as an expression of hope for a continued decrease in the number of DWI deaths and injuries. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll reports from the Roundhouse.

The Nambe Pueblo recently celebrated the grand opening of its long-debated casino in the Nambe Falls Travel Center along U.S. 84/250. The 184-slot gaming center is squeezed between two much larger casinos, but tribal and player optimism is running high. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll reports.

Dozens of teachers, students and other education workers used their Presidents Day off for anoon rally Monday at the state Capitol. Much of the focus was on a proposed constitutional amendment by Senator Michael Padilla, an Albuquerque Democrat, to boost by about $100 million the funding for public education from the state's permanent fund. KSFR's Dennis Carroll reports from the Roundhouse.

In 2015 the New Mexico film office reported a record seventy-seven productions in the state. This prompted Representatives Stephanie Garcia Richard and Rep Jeff Steinborn to introduce House Memorial 79, declaring Feb 8 as Film Day in the House of Representatives. KSFR's Dennis Carroll was at the Roundhouse where movie and TV people gave their best pitches in support of New Mexico's film industry. Also on hand were many aspiring actors hoping to get in on one of the state’s booming businesses.

A coalition of pro-choice advocates marshalled their forces at the state Capitol Tuesday in hopes of fending off any anti-abortion measures that may be introduced in the Legislature this session. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll has the story.

All the relatives gone home after the holidays and you’re still longing for a booze-infused game of Risk or Pictionary? Well don’t get your Scrabble tiles all in a heap. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll stopped by the Jean Cocteau Theater’s new Wednesday Games Night, and picked up a few Clues from some of the players.

Since police agencies need a search warrant to rummage through your file cabinets in your home or office, some say it should be made clear that they should be subject to the same restrictions when it comes to your personal electronic data. A bill introduced in the state Legislature this week would require just that. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll filed this report from the Roundhouse.

One might title this story A Tale of Two Malls. For one, some are saying, “There goes the neighborhood.”  For the other it’s more, “Happy Days are Here Again.”  KSFR’s Dennis Carroll has this report on the great merchant migration from the Sanbusco shopping center to DeVargas mall.

The Santa Fe Community Foundation continues to broaden its reach, coming to the aid of advocates for New Mexico families who were in the wake of the radioactive Trinity cloud 70 years ago.  The New Mexico Health Equity Partnership, a division of the foundation, has awarded $35,000 to expand health assessments of residents of communities downwind from ground zero.  KSFR’s Dennis Carroll has the report.  


With mass shootings becoming the norm across the country, efforts are being made to remind citizens not to become immune to the impacts of violence. This Saturday on the plaza one group in collaboration with the City of Santa Fe, will once again remind people that gun violence is just as rampant here in New Mexico as it is across the nation. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll spoke with anti-gun advocate Miranda Viscoli.

Santa Fe’s most popular hangout for kids and teenagers is having a birthday bash this weekend. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll reports from Warehouse 21