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Dave Marash is a veteran television news correspondent. He was chief Washington anchor for the global news channel Al Jazeera English from 2006 to 2008. Prior to that, he spent 16 years as a correspondent for ABC News' Nightline, covering wars in the Balkans, the Middle East and Rwanda, and disasters from the tsunami in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, to Hurricane Andrew in the United States, where he also did investigative reports on the spread of toxic asbestos from the W.R. Grace co. mine at Libby, MT, and General Motors’  failed Minority Dealership Program Before reporting for Nightline, Marash spent more than a decade in local news in New York and Washington, D.C. From 1985 to 1989, he was a news anchor for WRC-TV, Washington. He was an investigative reporter for WNBC-TV in New York and NBC Sports from 1983 to 1985. Marash anchored the news for WCBS-TV in New York from 1973 through 1978 AND in 1981 and 1982, when he also anchored and reported for an Emmy Award-winning investigative magazine Dave Marash Reporting.  Marash was a correspondent for ABC News’ 20/20 from 1978 to 1980, where he won the first of his 4 National Emmy Awards for his reporting on the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. He has published articles in The New York TimesThe Christian Science Monitor, The Columbia Journalism Review, The Carnegie Reporter, The Journalist, Washington Monthly, Ms. Magazine and TV Guide. He is a founding member, and past Chairman of the The Committee to Protect Journalists. Marash graduated from Williams College in 1964 and did graduate work at Rutgers University.  He currently blogs at http://davemarashsez.blogspot.com/.

Amy Marash

On Wednesday evening, KSFR’s Dave Marash zoomed in on a county in the north-south stripe across America known as “The Suicide Belt.” The vertical belt includes Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

Amy Marash

Yesterday President Elect Donald Trump nominated House Budget Committee Chairman and six-term Georgia Representative Tom Price for secretary of Health and Human Services. The Atlantic reported this morning that Donald Trump’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare began in with this nomination of Price who has been one of the most consistent opponents of the Affordable Care Act in Congress.

Amy Marash

Earlier this year the Washington Post reported a series of stories on mortality in America, "Unnatural Causes." One of those unnatural causes is the epidemic of opioid abuse that often leads to heroin addiction. Washington Post investigative reporter Lenny Bernstein spoke to Dave Marash on Here and There about how the opioid epidemic got started, with practices in the pharmaceutical industry segueing into a new focus on pain management in medicine.

Shane Bauer is an undercover investigative reporter for Mother Jones magazine. Bauer spent several months inside of patriotic militia groups, first training with the California State Militia. Next Bauer spent a week on the Mexican border with Arizona with the 3UP, the 3% United Patriots of Colorado.  He spoke to Dave Marash on Here and There last Monday the day before many U.S. voters went to the polls.

Amy Marash

The trial of two Albuquerque Police officers for the caught-on-viral-video fatal shooting of the mentallty ill James Boyd ended in a hung jury, 9 for acquittal, 3 for conviction of Detective Keith Sandy and Officer Dominique Perez on charges of second degree murder. Jeff Proctor covered the trial for the New York Times.

Amy Marash

The New Mexico Supreme Court is considering whether to change the state’s copper mine regulations. The state's ‘Copper Rule’ currently grants new rights to mining companies, and loosens restrictions on where copper mines can be dug. Earlier this week, KSFR’s Dave Marash spoke to Douglas Meiklejohn, Executive Director of the NM Environmental Law Center, about the state constitution and the Copper Rule’s potential effects on the environment.

Perhaps the biggest business story of the year in New Mexico was the decision by Facebook to locate a new service center in Los Lunas, south of Albuquerque. The deal brings a future-oriented mega-brand, and hundreds of short term and dozens of long-term jobs. But what did it cost local and state taxpayers? Dave Marash speaks to Joe Cardillo of ABQ Business First.

The first step of The News Literacy Project, taught to students in hundreds of schools across the country, is to help students get the most out of all their exposures to journalism. Project founder Alan Miller told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE & THERE, that first step leads to others of equal value to a democracy.

Author and ethicist Lee Ellis says he learned a lot about leadership during his 5 years of captivity in the so-called Hanoi Hilton where was held alongside future Senator John McCain.  He applied some of those lessons in discussing the Wells Fargo Bank scandal with KSFR's Dave Marash on yesterday’s HERE & THERE.

'Bridgegate' is the scandal of an intentional traffic jam that paralyzed the George Washington Bridge three years ago. The jam was created by aides to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who go on trial this week. Today, Dave Marash speaks to Statehouse Correspondent Bob Jordan of the Asbury Park Press to sort out who tied up the busiest highway bridge in America, whom they thought they were punishing, and why.

Last year, in Brazil and Columbia, the number of Zika cases began to spike and on February 1, the World Health Organization declared an international health emergency.

The very next day, the very first Zika case was reported in the United States. Doctors said the virus was transmitted not by mosquito bite, but by sex. Today, Dave Marash speaks with Seema Yasmin of the Dallas Morning News about how and how quickly the virus spreads.

Food shortages have gotten so bad in Venezuela that delegates to this week's conference of the Non-Aligned Movement have been told to bring in their own supplies. The Associated Press Bureau Chief for Venezuela (and two other countries) Joshua Goodman told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE & THERE, the cost of dog food for a month is half a government worker's monthly salary.

Yesterday marked 15 years since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Dave Marash speaks today to Vice News investigative reporter Jason Leopold about a little covered aspect of the 9/11 investigations. Those concern the 29 pages of a 2002 Congressional investigation detailing the possible role of Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attacks. Courtesy of our colleague Dave Marash, here is a preview of Jason Leopold of Vice News speaking to Dave on Here and There about the money trail connecting two of the terrorists to the Saudi Ambassador in Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

  When an unaccompanied minor is caught illegally crossing the American border, that child goes into the custody of the Department of Homeland Security. The federal government has standards for how these kids are treated before they are released. But Susan Terrio, the author of WHOSE CHILD AM I?, told Dave Marash those standards are not always upheld.

What has happened to welfare benefits in the U.S. and which Americans are on the rolls?

Kathryn Edin, coauthor of TWO DOLLARS A DAY, talks to KSFR’s Dave Marash  about the stubborn notion that a lifetime welfare net still exists in the U.S.