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Darryl Lindberg

Host, Tuesday Night At The Opera

I’ve been the host of Tuesday Night at the Opera since early in 2004.  My initial involvement with the station was the result of responding to an on-air search for someone with a bit of knowledge of classical music to occasionally fill in on KSFR’s then-running Afternoon Classics.  Although I had absolutely no experience in radio—other than listening—I thought hosting a radio program would be both interesting and challenging.  And I was correct!  The patient folks at KSFR taught me the ins and outs of producing my own programs and eventually I was asked to host Tuesday Night at the Opera.   The rest is (minor) history. 

And, speaking of history, I’m originally from Duluth, Minnesota.  After I completed college, I pursued gainful employment via a career international business, during which I was posted in various interesting and musically rewarding cities, including Sydney, Toronto, New York, and Buenos Aires.   Eventually, I decided to hang up my carry-on and passport, so in 2001 I retired and moved to somewhere I wanted to live:  Santa Fe. 

During my time in the City Different, I evolved into what may be called a “professional volunteer:”  I am serving or have served on various boards, including Santa Fe Pro Musica, the Aspen-Santa Fe Ballet, and the Santa Fe Council on International Relations.  I’m also a regular volunteer at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.  In order to minimize any spare time available for crimes and misdemeanors, I attended the Graduate Institute at St. John’s College, earning a Master of Liberal Arts as well as a Master of Eastern Classics.  Another means of keeping myself occupied is trying to keep fit by running daily and skiing as much as possible during the winter months.  Santa Fe’s an ideal place to enjoy the great outdoors and I’m out a lot!

My own opera and classical music experience is as a long-time devoted and enthusiastic amateur.   Although I’m an inveterate record collector, there’s no substitute for a live performance.  That’s why I subscribe to the Santa Fe Opera and Santa Fe Pro Musica and regularly attend many of the other musical events in the City Different.  

If you’ve tuned in to the program, you know my approach to opera is pretty straightforward:  I believe opera is magnificent and magical musical entertainment and should be enjoyed as such.  Too often folks are led to believe that the enjoyment of opera is dependent on a certain sensitivity, educational level, or socio-economic stratum.   Of course, that’s hogwash and that’s why the sole purpose of Tuesday Night at the Opera is to present complete operas and allow our listeners to make their own judgments as to what appeals to them (or not).  My primary function is summarize the opera’s plot and, as time allows, provide background on the composer, where the opera fits in his or her oeuvre, and any other interesting and entertaining facts or factoids that lend additional perspective and insight.   And I do hope you enjoy it!