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Dan Piburn

Dan Piburn was born in Boulder Colorado in the heart of the sixties, June 8th, 1965. Raised in the small town of Carbondale Colorado, he spent a lot of time with his brother in nature ~ on the Crystal River and in the White River National Forest. His musical origins, he remembers were folk, blues, rock and jazz and later punk rock. During his early teens, his mother worked in a record store that also sold stereo equipment. He remembers the love of vinyl and watching hours of Monty Python in the 70’s on the first big screen tv in town!

After a dozen years in theater, in NYC, Pittsburgh, Chicago and LA during the 80’s and 90’s, Dan moved to Santa Fe with his soon- to- be- wife, Giselle. Dan has been a friend of KSFR since he moved to Santa Fe in ‘93. He’s been a friend of jazz since he fell down the rabbit hole some 20 plus years ago. His show, “JaZz Impressions” emerged on KSFR after years of subbing for many KSFR DJ’s across many genres. He loves jazz from its roots to its farthest branches and buds, and his show reflects that interest with passion. Jazz is, many times, the context by which he refers to our collective history, present and future. He also enjoys hearing from you and fielding your requests! Dan is a father of two, a neighborhood garden co/host and a licensed massage therapist with a lively bodywork practice in Santa Fe.