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Daniel J

Producer/Host "The Beat Goes On...Again..."

Daniel J grew up playing stickball on the streets of New York when an old broom handle and a 10 cent rubber ball were all that was needed to keep a bunch of kids occupied for hours. His family life although by no means lavish was comfortable and happy with supportive parents who usually filled the house with music and the aroma of good Italian food . Frank Sinatra was revered and spoken of in God like tones by his Father and daily news of Frank’s latest concert or album was usually reserved for family conversation over meatballs and spaghetti.

With a street smart confidence and wide variety of interests Daniel J knew that although his love for baseball and music was very strong his abilities in both areas were quite limited. He embarked on a business career in International Banking when Banking was still considered an honorable trade. Traveling the world provided him with a knowledge of many cultures and a deeper appreciation for the freedom and liberties we take for granted at home. Rather than continue his career oversea he took a position in San Francisco and felt right at home with the cultural and lifestyle diversity there. He also decided that International Banking was no longer his passion and dove into a series of diverse careers that led him on many personal and professional adventures.

These experiences led him to New Mexico in the mid 1990’s and to KSFR in 2009. Now mostly retired and living in Albuquerque’s North Valley he enjoys his weekly music show and gets to mix the music of his formative years with the soundtrack of his life experiences as well as new artists and genres as they evolve. Public Radio has been a constant companion over the years and living in culturally rich cities like NY and San Francisco has exposed him to the best Public Radio has to offer. He enjoys being part of KSFR’s growth and development as part of the best of Public Radio.

email: TheBeatGoesOn@ksfr.org