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Chase Smith, Production Assistant

Chase Smith (DJ Strudel)

Production Manager, Producer/Host "Baker’s Dozen with DJ Strudel"

Chase Smith is a native New Mexican who grew up fascinated by the hip-hop songs his mom played. He took this fascination and turned it into his passion, which led him to producing, writing and composing hip-hop inspired music. Knowing a love for music could only get him so far, Chase decided to attend the audio-engineering program at Santa Fe Community College, expanding his knowledge of audio sciences and engineering. This led him to KSFR radio, where he's beginning to explore a career in radio broadcasting. Here, Chase hones his skills and has expanded them to include talk show and promo production. He has also developed an ear for radio programming, becoming an integral contributor to KSFR’s evolving sound.

email: csmith@ksfr.org