Bryce Dix

Bryce Dix has been listening to public radio all of his life. Whether it be a podcast (This American Life, of course), a news magazine, or a local talk show, you can count on Bryce to always have his headphones on. 

He got his start in broadcasting as a general assignment news reporter and NPR Weekend Edition news host at New Mexico’s largest NPR affiliate station, KUNM-FM in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During his time, he won several awards for his reporting & podcasting work at the station.

From there, Bryce went to New Mexico PBS where he produced television segments for New Mexico In Focus and served as a producer/editor of Growing Forward, an award-winning podcast about the cannabis industry in New Mexico. 

News doesn’t occupy ALL of his time, however. Bryce likes to run and shoot film photography whenever he gets the chance.


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News alert! Enrollment in New Mexico's medicinal cannabis program grew by 72% in two years. Surprising? Maybe not. 

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The climate emergency has brought extreme drought, wildfires, and flooded roads across New Mexico’s Native American reservations. Now, prominent tribal leaders are highlighting the need to keep the state’s most vulnerable in mind when fighting against a warming climate.

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A new space made specifically for teens is opening up on Santa Fe’s Southside—and no, it’s not a bowling alley. 

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Time's a ticking until New Mexico can finally start the recreational sale of cannabis next year, but the sole regulator behind the budding industry is already under fire from several of its employees.

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With just under a month left until election day, Santa Fe’s mayoral candidates met on Tuesday night to prove themselves the best pick to tackle the city’s housing issues. 

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The controversy surrounding New Mexico United and their proposed stadium plan is heating up… And the team is trying to sweeten the deal

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The fall season is a time of pride for many New Mexicans – hot air balloons fill the early morning skies, the smell of green chile slowly turning in roasters is on every corner, and many travel from all sorts of places to see the state’s beautiful fall colors. 

But, this year has shown the climate is changing. Fast. And that fall landscape we are so used to seeing? It’s changing too.

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The theme for this week’s installment of New Mexico Politics is court battles… Sounds fun, right? 

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90 New Mexican public officials are now urging Congress to step up and establish a path to citizenship for undocumented workers. 

This cry comes as the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the crucial role these workers play in our economy and the inequities these workers face when they are excluded from federal economic relief programs.

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It’s official! Applications for cannabis production licenses are now open

KSFR's Interim News Director Bryce Dix sat down with Growing Forward podcast host Andy Lyman to break down what it took to get us here and what role equity will play in an industry that is historically dominated by the wealthy elite. 

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Data from the New Mexico Department of Health is now showing that kids who identify as Hispanic or Latino are at the bottom of the list when it comes to vaccination rates in the state. 

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Programs of a different kind are sprouting all across New Mexico’s education system with one singular goal in mind– encouraging kids to get to class by walking or biking. 

But, as KSFR’s Bryce Dix reports, advocates, teachers, and parents are divided on how truly safe it is to let our kids bike the streets.

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It’s all about legislative sessions in this week's update on the happenings of New Mexico's political world. KSFR's News Director Bryce Dix sat down with New Mexico Political Report's Andy Lyman to forecast and explain the basics of the once-in-a-decade redistricting special session scheduled in the fall. 

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There's no doubt that any fire in our forests can be a cause for concern, especially during a drought. But the truth is, prescribed burns have played a major role in managing the health of forest ecosystems for a very long time. However, the very agency that prescribes these burns has decided to suddenly limit fire management in our forests– including prescribed burns.