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Bruce Hamilton

Producer/Host "Sound Travels"

Bruce Taylor Hamilton (aka "Uncle Homey" or "Joe Bob Biscuit")

More than any previous generation, we are blessed by having a vast number of musical genres available to us.. That richness is what I try to tap for each and every one of my programs.

For nearly forty years I worked in publishing, as an editor, book designer, director of a press, and judge of many book design contests. The editing and designing of a book has much in common with the process of creating music—it has flow when years of experience and an assurance are seen or heard in the final result.

I was lucky enough to be reared by two music lovers, and, even as an infant, taken to concerts (both jazz and classical) that taught me about the depths of music. As an adult I have afforded myself the rich experience of attending countless concerts and performances across the broad spectrum of musical types, gifts I given myself. That background is the foundation as I plan each program.

I enjoy the process of “building” a show, using the process to create a flow that fits neatly into the station’s format.