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B. C. Caldwell

Producer/Host "Blue Monday"

15 years ago my brother, Tom, was teaching a course in radio here at the SFCC and worked at the KSFR radio station. It was coming on to winter and he asked me if I could fill in for a couple DJ's who were taking a winters break. I've been a record collector since the late 50s and had a little experience sitting in with a friend on his show "Cracker Barrel" at a college station in St Louis.So before long I had 3 shows going that winter 15 years ago, blues,jazz,and a R&R show ,but I really liked the idea of a "Blue Monday" 7-9 ( no more late nights).I love being a part of KSFR and really enjoy producing shows that are a little different than the usual 'oldies shows'. Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico have a wonderfully diversified listening audience who support the unique programing.

Email: bluemonday@ksfr.org