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Who serves on the NNMRF Board?

Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation (NNMRF) is a Board made up of business, philanthropic and community leaders committed to the public service mission of the Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation dba| KSFR Public Radio Station.

Board members are individuals whose broad experience, knowledge and independence of judgment enables them to bring wide-ranging perspectives to the Board. Members are chosen to make certain that the Board represents the diversity of the region and communities served by the NNMRF, in history, age, gender, social and economic circumstance, life experience, culture, ethnicity, geography, sexual orientation, and disability.

This breadth of diversity is essential for NNMRF in order to bring to our audiences the highest quality public media services in the arts and music, as well as trusted information on economics, politics and society in the twenty-first century.

How many people are on the NNMRF Board?

The Northern New Mexico has seats available for 15 members. Currently there are eight filled seats.

What are the Board’s primary responsibilities?

The Board’s role is to guide the organization towards a sustainable future by supporting its mission; by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies; and by making sure it has adequate resources to advance its strategic goals, providing fiduciary oversight to assure the integrity of NNMRF’s services for the benefit of the audiences and communities served.

Specifically, the Board’s role is:

1. Establishing, updating, preserving, and promoting the organization’s mission, vision and values;

2. Selecting, supporting, advising, and evaluating the CEO;

3. Adopting fundamental policies relating to the management of the organization;

4. Ensuring the financial stability of the organization through the exercise of fiduciary responsibilities, as well as through personal financial support and leadership in fundraising on behalf of KSFR; and,

5. Providing for effective Board process and succession.

The Board does not become involved in the details of day-to-day business and programming. Instead, the Board meets regularly and receives operational updates to ensure that the direction and performance of the organization reflect the policies and strategies established by the Board. In addition, the Board’s committees are structured to provide deeper oversight over key organizational functions.

How does someone become a board member?

The NNMRF Board’s Governance Committee is responsible for monitoring the Board’s composition. Prospective board member names may come from Governance Committee members or other Board members or may be suggested by community members to any board member. Members of the Governance Committee meet and evaluate member prospects and nominate them for election by the full Board. Members of the staff or volunteer on-air show producers are not eligible to apply. Members are elected for a three-year term and may serve three consecutive terms if they are re-elected at the end of each term.

How do Members leave the Board?

Members retire or resign from the Board for a variety of reasons. They may reach the end of their elected term, experience a change in their professional status, or chose to leave the board based on health or other individual circumstances.

Are Board meetings secret?

No. NNMRF Board meetings and Committee meetings are open to the public. You can find the meeting schedule here. Portions of each Board and committee meeting are held in executive session to discuss personnel and proprietary matters, information obtained on a confidential basis, or items requiring confidential advice of counsel. Executive sessions are closed to the public.

What is the relationship between the NNMRF Board and SFCC Board?

Each of the entities have their own Boards and their membership is defined in their respective organization’s bylaws.

How can I contact the NNMRF?

Members of the Board can be reached by mail:
c/o KSFR Radio
PO Box 28670
Santa Fe, NM 87592.