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Historic stained glass windows at Albuquerque church vandalized

Historic stained glass windows that adorn Saint Therese Parish located in Albuquerque were vandalized in the early morning hours on Monday.

According to a report by the Albuquerque Journal, a man hurled chunks of concrete through several of the windows.

A grounds manager who was inside the church called the police to report what he at the time believed to be gunshots.

According to a criminal complaint, police caught the suspect in the act of vandalizing the church, and reported that he initially did not comply with their commands.

The suspect gave law enforcement that name of “Jet Doe”, said he was 31 and also provided no address. He has since been booked into jail and charged with concealing identity, resisting or refusing to comply with an officer, and criminal damage over $1000.

But according to Rev. Vincent Paul Chávez, the damages done to the church is estimated to be closer to $100,000.

Chávez told the Journal he expects insurance to cover most of the cost, but said the parish will also have to raise funds to install special vented protective cover to preserve the glass from future vandalism and storms.

In total, he expects the bill to be around $143,000.