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Santa Fe County Sheriff's deputies union votes of no confidence in Sheriff Adan Mendoza

Santa Fe County

In a letter released Thursday, the union representing Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies announced that members have more than a dozen complaints about the leadership of Sheriff Adan Mendoza, and have taken a vote of no confidence in him.


The letter also says that morale in the sheriff’s office has fallen in the three years Mendoza had been sheriff.

According to a report by the Santa Fe New Mexican, the letter was addressed to Mendoza, County Manager Katherine Miller and the County Commission.

In the letter, there was a list of 14 allegations against Mendoza, including lack of transparency, unfair disciplinary practices, retaliation, violations of the New Mexico Fair Labor Standards Act regarding overtime pay and “Cronyism”.

Union members say the vote of no confidence was “overwhelmingly approved”.

Mendoza told the New Mexican that many of the issues raised in the union’s letter were misrepresented or misconstrued.

He said none of the issues listed were ever brought to his attention and called the letter “disheartening” and also claims the letter is likely due to political motivations.

Pointing out that the local union's leader, deputy Eddie Webb is related to his opponent in the June Democratic primary race for sheriff, Santa Fe police Lieutenant David Webb.

In the report by the New Mexican, David Webb said he played no part in the union’s vote and had no knowledge of the allegations against Mendoza prior to the letter’s release.

But Webb did say he believes the sheriff’s office needs improvement based on honesty, trust and integrity.

Mendoza said if the union had problems with his leadership, those issues would have been brought to light and as sheriff, he would’ve had the opportunity to address them, but that “obviously didn’t happen.”