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Santa Fe shelter announces zero tolerance policy for nearby campers


Pete’s Place shelter, located on Cerrillos Road has announced a “zero tolerance” policy for members of the homeless community who gather overnight in the nearby area.


According to a report by the Santa Fe New Mexican, “those caught camping out on Harrison Road will be barred from resources and services”.

A sign posted on the front of the shelter door reads “there will be no expectations” and strongly recommends anyone camping on Harrison Road relocate to a different location in order to continue receiving services.

The shelter has long been a subject of complaints from surrounding residents and business owners, who say the shelter attracts people who bring violence, drug use, and trash to their neighborhoods.

This new policy comes just a couple weeks after the Santa Fe Police Department announced it will increase the presence of officers through their bike patrol program.

Korina Lopez, the shelter’s new executive director, told the New Mexican the new zero tolerance policy and the police bike patrols were driven by concerns for the safety of their guests and the greater community.

The staff of the shelter is obligated to enforce this new policy after the nonprofit’s board approved it.