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Second suspect arrested in social media murder case

Albuquerque Police Department Twitter Account

The Albuquerque Police Department has announced via their Twitter account that they have arrested Anna Bella Dukes for the murder the Elias Otero that occurred in February 2021.


Dukes in the second person arrested in connection with this murder, the first was Adrian Avila, who was arrested in December. 

The two were sought in a manhunt after they had lured Otero’s brother into a meeting after Dukes had met him on Snapchat. When Otero’s brother arrived at the meeting location, he was taken captive by three men.

According to a report by KOB 4, the group demanded that Otero’s brother give them money, jewelry, and a gun. In order to meet their demands, the brother drove them to Elias’ home in Southwest Albuquerque. 

According to People.com, the group facetimed Otero, showing his brother with an automatic gun aimed at his head, telling Otero that his brother would get hurt if he did not comply with their demands.

Otero then exited his home armed with a gun and was shot to death.

Dukes and Avila, who was the suspected shooter, had allegedly pulled off a similar crime the night before.