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Students Rally For Affirmative Consent Legislation

Kevin Meerschaert

About 200 School for the Arts students and supports Marched to the State Capitol to rally for passage of a Sexual Consent Education Bill.

The students walked from their school on Montezuma to the Roundhouse on Friday asking Governor Michelle Lugan Grisham to allow the legislation to be brought up during the session that begins on Tuesday, pass it, and sign it into law.      

The bill that would require schools to adopt policies addressing affirmative consent and the prevention of sexual assault and abuse passed the House last session but not the Senate. 





Student organizer IsaBella Thomas says there have been   too many incidents against students in and out of the school, and lawmakers need to act now.   


“We are minors in a school setting. We shouldn’t be having to take this initiative to say, ‘We want to be respected. We want to be listened to. We want to not go to school and be afraid that we are going to be harassed or even assaulted," she said. "We just want them to understand the severity of that and have them understand that in order for us to feel safe we need affirmative consent legislation to pass.”        


Governor Lujan Grisham has said only budgetary legislation will be debated this session, but she can allow other bills to be heard if she so chooses. A bill is already written, waiting to be introduced. 


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