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Florida-based company will be paid by New Mexico to process inmates' mail

New Mexico Department of Corrections

In a report by the Santa Fe New Mexican, Eric Harrison, a spokesman for the New Mexico Department of Corrections announced they have overhauled their inmate mailing procedures.

The Department of Corrections will now be contracting with a Florida-based company to scan inmate’s personal mail and send digital copies to the prisons.

As previously reported by KSFR, this new procedure will take effect on February 1st, and only properly addressed letters and privileged mail will be accepted.

Cash and personal checks, along with magazines, cardboard or rigid parchment will no longer be accepted.

Harrison told the New Mexican that this new process is a part of an effort to curb the introduction of drugs into state prisons.

Securus Technologies, who already handels phone services for the prison system, is the Florida-based company that will be processing the inmates’ mail.

It was reported by theNew Mexican that Securus is charging the state $3.50 per inmate, per month for the mailing service. With approximately 3,838 inmates currently incarcerated in state run prisons, the total monthly cost will be about $13,433, or $161,196 a year.