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Santa Fe Schools Are Ready For Any COVID Outbreaks

Santa Fe Public School District

Santa Fe Schools Superintendent Hilario “Larry” Chavez says the district is ready for any spike in coronavirus cases, but they’ll continue to have in-class learning for the foreseeable future.



Chavez says the district will continue to provide distance learning through Desert States Academy for parents who want to or need to keep their children out of brick and mortar classrooms. 

New guidelines on how to address any new coronavirus outbreaks are expected to be released by the state on Thursday.

Chavez says if there are any school outbreaks, quarantine  decisions will be based on the best way to limit stress on students and staff.

“We’re going to be very cautious about when we transition, if we ever do transition to a remote learning status," he said. "We would want to be very flexible in that decision making process but also understand it could be a classroom, it could be a school. It doesn’t have to be district wide. That’s always worse case scenario.”


Chavez is encouraging anyone in the district who is experiencing COVID symptoms to get tested before returning to school.

Free testing is available for students and staff weekdays from 8:30 am to 6 pm at the Aspen Community  Magnet School at 450 La Madera Street.


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