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Healing The Divide with Reverend Rick Ianucci

Rick Ianucci

Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with Reverend Rick Ianucci about how to heal the political divide by looking at it through a spiritual lens. Reverend Rick Iannucci, an ordained Celtic Catholic priest is our newly appointed State Senate Chaplain replacing the late and cherished former State Senate Chaplain Father Rich Murphy. Rick Ianucci is also a former Green Beret with worldwide deployments who also spent time as an Instructor at West Point. He’s a retired US Marshal whose special operations program in Colombia was hailed for establishing peace amidst 40 year-old guerilla warfare.  He also works as the SF Police Department Chaplain where he plays a central role in conflict resolution and as he calls it, “responding with reverence” in crisis situations. He has numerous degrees and post graduate certificates and degrees from some of our nations top academic institutions from Baylor Truett Seminary, to Yale Divinity School, to Trinity College in Dublin among others where much of his focus has been on a trauma-informed approach to pastoral crisis intervention and care. This is the life’s work that informs his perspective and his Chaplaincy as well as the nature of this show as we seek to lessen the divisions from a painful and difficult year for all involved. We begin the show with a prayer and tribute to the former and late Senate Chaplain, Father Rich Murphy.

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Opening Prayer for this Legislative Session: