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New Collar Jobs Bring Hope in Hard Times and Apprenticeship


Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with mover and shaker Sarah Boisvert, Founder of Santa Fe's Fab Lab Hub,  Co-Founder of the New Collar Network,  and Author  of "The New Collar Workforce" and the new Augmented Reality Book, "People of the New Collar Workforce". Sarah has been at the cutting-edge of bringing high tech jobs to New Mexico at the right price to the people who need them most. With her eye on bringing the New Mexico workforce into the digital age, she offers a digital badge program that provides the proper education and training to move workers into the arena of everything from 3-D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Robotics, generative design, CAD, gaming, drones, autonomous vehicles, and more in their everyday work tasks. She discusses how these badges offer quickly obtained, affordable and MIT certification allowing students to move straight into exciting cutting-edge high paying jobs. She also brings us exciting news about her new Apprenticeship Program that will literally pay students to go to school while they receive the training that can lead them into the exciting hi-tech field of their choice. 


To see more about the Apprenticeship Program, see link below: 


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