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Breakthrough Solution to Flawed Electoral System Stands to Truly Revolutionize Gridlock Politics


Wake Up Call's MK Mendoza speaks with former CEO turned political powerhouse problem solver Katherine Gehl about her new solution to our flawed electoral system that truly stands to revolutionize American politics. She discusses what she terms "Final-Five Voting", a step beyond ranked choice voting that is actually doable. Tune in for a brilliantly inspired interview about a breakthrough approach that stands to have real legs. Alaska has already adopted it. With the City Different already on board with ranked choice voting, now we just have to wonder if New Mexico will be next in changing how business is done in politics. It's hard to deny the genius of a proposed solution that stands to truly grab hold of what seems to have become the seemingly impenetrable runaway train of a modern day political industrial complex. Her new book details exactly how it works and why it makes politics not just approachable but even inspiring in a world of disenfranchised voters.


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