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Trauma-Informed Care Serious Endeavor or Just New Buzzword? New Paradigm Faces Outdated System

Arizona Trauma Institute

If you've been paying attention at all in the world of mental health, the new buzzword these days is "trauma-informed care" but what is it and how well is it getting implemented amidst an old system of outdated science and methodologies that often cause more harm than good? Despite these challenges, one brave institute is taking on the challenge of true implementation and finding innovative ways to bring this new paradigm into existence providing a model of individual and societal empowerment that moves society beyond tired-old stigmatizing conversations about mental health transforming it into a conversation on better human well-being for all.

Arizona Trauma Institute's Dr. Robert Rhoton discusses the challenges and triumphs in implementing what's now considered a desperately in demand needed change.


To find out more, see link below:https://aztrauma.org/